Meeovi Drive

Store your Images, Videos, Files all in one place with Meeovi Drive.


Take it Mobile

With our Mobile apps you can access your files anywhere you go. Just simply login and you have your memories right where they should be.


Group Meetings

Work on files with others. Just simply add them to your projects and have them access, edit, and upload files. Integration with Meeovi Messenger adds more teamwork.


Editing Features

Integration with our other services like Pixanomy, Meeovi Books, Music, Theater, and more allows for a complete suite of editing tools to get you on your way of keeping up to date files.

Store with Us

Because your files deserve better handling.

What about Pricing?


Elite Members

With Meeovi Elite we offer users with over 5GB of free storage.


Get more Done

With extra storage, users can get more done by saving even more across all platforms. With 500GB of storage for only $9.99 per year.


Professional Level

Need even more features like collaborative features, editing a book, enhanced storage options. Here it is. With 1TB of storage for only $49.99 per year.

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